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Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance 

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Story County Planning and Development has developed an ordinance to allow and regulate accessory dwelling units (ADUs) within the county. The Board of Supervisors passed the ordinance and it will be effective January 19, 2023. 

ADUs are smaller dwellings that are secondary to the primary dwelling on a property. As accessory units, they can be placed within an existing residence (in a basement or attic), attached to an existing residence, or detached but on the same property (converted barn or manufactured home).

ADUs will provide a new rural housing option that supports the county’s rural character. The ordinance requires the accessory unit to be 1,200 square feet (not including basement area) or smaller and to be sited within 200 feet of the existing residence, both of which ensure the ADU serves as an accessory use. 

To apply for an Accessory Dwelling Unit, please click here to be directed to our online portal.

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