Subdivision Recording Requirements

Recording Requirements for a Subdivision Plat

1)  The survey of the subdivision

This survey can be any size and must contain the original signature of the surveyor. There is no charge to record this survey.

2)  The subdivision platting procedure

The platting needs to include the following documents:

a) Plat of survey (with original signatures). This document can be no larger than 11" x 17".

b) Acknowledgement of consent/dedication

c) Mortgagee's consent (if applicable)

d) Attorney's certification/title opinion

e) Certificate of County Treasurer (with seal)

f) Auditor's approval of plat name. This form can be found and signed in the Auditor's Office.

g) Resolution by city and/or county (with seal)

h) Restrictive covenants ( if applicable)

Recording fees:

Large survey - No charge

Platting procedure - 

$7 for the first page

$5 for each additional page

$5 auditor transfer fee per parcel