Deppe Property- coming soon

New Property Coming Soon!

The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation purchased this 127-acre property to McFarland Park's immediate south in 2021. The property was offered at a significant bargain sale as Mr. Deppe wanted his farm permanently protected under Story County Conservation. INHF will hold the property until SCC can fundraise; it remains closed to the public while under INHF ownership. 

View the Deppe Property Concept Plan Here.


Story County Conservation's Board has outlined four major goals for a light footprint on this new property.

  • Increase the buffer for McFarland Park from commercial and residential development
  • Increase habitat for native plant and animal species
  • Increase outdoor user destinations and experiences
  • Complement McFarland Park’s destinations, experiences, and services

Next Steps

A public input meeting was held to gather information to solidify a site plan. You can still provide your thoughts on the property's primary use, potential amenities we should consider, and how best to market the property to increase our audience and effectively fundraise through a simple survey. The survey will remain open until January 21. Please share!

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