Payment Claims

What are payment claims?

The Story County Board of Supervisors must approve any request for payment from the county. For individuals or businesses who have performed a service for, or delivered goods to the county, this process begins by filing a claim for payment with the Auditor's office.

How does it work?

County Departments in their business roles will use services and products from businesses. These county departments will research and get budgeting information on the costs of services and then request approval from the board for purchase.

Upon approval the services and/or goods are acquired, and the entity performing the service will bill the county. This can be applied as a claim directly with the Auditors Office, or an invoice to the department directly who will then file the claim on behalf of the payee.

The claim is then sent to the County Auditor for presentation to the Board of Supervisors. The request is checked again, and approved for release of funds for payment and a warrant is issued from the Auditor's Office. A warrant is essentially a check releasing funds from the county's account to a payee for the amount requested.

The Auditor then presents the claims bi-weekly to the Board of Supervisors for their approval.

Payment Claims

View the Story County Payment Claim Database:

Claims Report by Recipient (PDF)

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