Private Sewage Disposal System Inspections

About Private Sewage Disposal System Inspections

Code of Iowa: 455B.172 (11) requires certain private sewage disposal system-related inspections to be conducted when certain property is sold or transferred. The code authorizes the department to oversee this new provision and is compatible with the goal to prevent, abate, or control water pollution including the regulation of private sewage disposal systems for the protection of the environment and the public health and safety of the citizens of the state

Administrative Code of Iowa

The Department of Natural Resources developed rule 567-69.2(455B) pertaining to inspection requirements of private sewage disposal systems prior to the transfer of ownership.

Certified Inspectors

A list of certified private sewage disposal system inspectors can be found online.

How Does This Impact County Recorders?

The department, working with the County Recorder's Association, determined that including a check box on the Ground Water Hazard Statement to indicate if a private sewage disposal system existed would be the best way to alert the county recorders to look for:

  • The Time of Transfer report
  • The binding acknowledgement that it will be completed at the earliest practical time
  • The binding acknowledgement that the building will be demolished

Please Note

The recorder's responsibility before recording the deed is to verify that the Time of Transfer report or a binding acknowledgment is present, not if the report found the system acceptable or unacceptable.


The new requirements will take place July 1, 2009.