Board of Supervisors Agendas


10:00 AM on Tuesdays

Story County Administration Building, 900 6th Street, Nevada, Iowa 50201 

These meetings are open to the public, and public participation is encouraged from the Board of Supervisors.

The regular Tuesday meetings of the Board of Supervisors are video recorded and you can watch the video on our YouTube Channel.  Audio recordings are available for all meetings, located on our website under the "Board of Supervisors Minutes" tab.

About Agendas

The week prior, usually Thursdays or Fridays, to the Tuesday meeting, the Auditor's Office releases an agenda regarding the topics of discussion and debate for the ensuing Tuesday morning meeting.

Often these topics are used as a consent agenda, explained below.

Consent Agenda

A consent agenda is a time saving tool that groups together routine items and resolutions under one agenda item. Items included in the consent agenda require no discussion before voting and all are approved in one vote. However, at the request of a board member, an item may be removed from the consent agenda and added to the regular agenda for separate discussion. Items often included in a consent agenda:

  • Factual reports
  • Minor operational changes
  • Minutes from a previous board meetings
  • Routine document updates

The topics and documentation for items in the consent agenda must be distributed to board members well in advance of the board meeting. Board members must contact the chair before the meeting if they wish to have any items removed from the consent agenda.

Agendas For Download

If you are looking for a specific agenda for a specific date, please use the menu listing below to choose. If you are interested in a particular agenda item or term, we suggest you do a search from the Story County home page using our search service which will return specific key words from the minutes.

Board of Supervisors Agendas
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