Future Land Use Plans

Looking forward to 2036.

That’s what the Cornerstone to Capstone (C2C) Plan is all about. 

Story County has built a solid foundation - the Cornerstone - with planning dating back to the 1950s. In 2016, we designed our blueprint - the Capstone - for how we grow and develop over the coming 20 years. 

What the Plan says...

The C2C Plan is a coordinated long range plan that is intended to be physical and policy-based. It guides us with a clear vision and goals, identifies quality of life aspects, and outlines strategies.

The C2C Plan is divided into seven chapters plus several important appendices, as described below. You can click on each section to read the part of the C2C Plan.

Cover, Acknowledgements, and Table of Contents (PDF)

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF)
Chapter 1 discusses the role of this Plan, the planning process, the planning area, and key community indicators.

Chapter 2: Public Input (PDF)
Chapter 2 describes the public participation methods and feedback.

Chapter 3: The Foundation (PDF)
Chapter 3 defines a vision for the future of Story County, and the general guiding goals, objectives and strategies for elements of the Plan, including:

  • Agricultural Resources
  • Community Facilities
  • Housing
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Communications and Public Safety
  • Infrastructure and Utilities
  • Intergovernmental Coordination
  • Cultural Resources
  • Climate Resiliency
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Chapter 4: Conservation of Natural Resources and Recreation (PDF)
Chapter 4 establishes the goals, objectives and strategies for preserving, protecting, and restoring our natural resources and recreation.

Chapter 5: Land Use Plan (PDF)
Chapter 5 establishes the goals, objectives and strategies pertaining to land use decisions, describes current land use characteristics, defines future land use categories (and strategies), and presents the future land use map.

Chapter 6: Economic Prosperity (PDF)
Chapter 6 establishes the goals, objectives and strategies pertaining to economic development decisions.

Chapter 7: Transportation (PDF)
Chapter 7 establishes the goals, objectives and strategies pertaining to transportation planning and improvements.

Appendix A: Community Indicators (PDF)
Appendix A is a compilation of data that describes the existing conditions, trends, and projections for Story County. This data informs the planning process and should be updated from time to time to track progress and change in Story County.

Appendix B: Survey Results (PDF)
Appendix B includes the complete results from the public surveys conducted as a part of this planning process.

Appendix C: Municipal and Surrounding County Comprehensive Plan Summaries (PDF)
Appendix C provides a condensed summary of the comprehensive plans and future land use plans for those communities within the county that previously adopted a comprehensive plan.

Appendix D: Plan Area Maps

Appendix E:  Strategic Plan

Appendix F:  Countywide Watershed Assessments

Appendix G: Story County Housing Study