Implementation Matrix

The Cornerstone to Capstone (C2C) Plan is the foundation of the Implementation Matrix (PDF). The Plan's adoption was the first step in the implementation process. Continuing action to implement the Plan will be needed for it to have lasting impact. This Implementation Matrix (PDF) prioritizes how we will move our vision forward. It is Story County's to-do list with which we will track our progress, report results, and provide opportunities to grow with the vision we have set forth.

This Implementation Matrix (PDF) describes how the policies and actions in the C2C Plan should be carried out. It provides recommendations for administering the planning process and enhancing linkages between the C2C Plan, Strategic Plan, and the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). It recommends steps to monitor, evaluate, and update the Plan on a regular basis. Story County does a number of existing action items. The County fully intends to continue to do these action items, but while they are in the C2C Plan, they are not identified in this Implementation Matrix (PDF). These action items are already being implemented, and, as such, built into existing work programs and other plans.

C2C Implementation Matrix Cover Sheet