Fines Recovery & License Reinstatement Program

About the The Fines Recovery & Driver's License Reinstatement Programs

The purpose of this program is to assist individuals who have delinquent court debt by providing a payment plan option. Some people qualify to have their driver's license reinstated while they make payments. We work closely with probation offices to ensure people under supervision are on and active and current payment plan.

Assisting Residents with Delinquent Financial Court Obligations

The Story County Attorney's Office has established programs to assist the residents of Story County and those non-residents who have delinquent financial court obligations in Story County. For many, outstanding court debt has become a source of ongoing stress, financial hardship and in some cases additional court costs resulting from contempt of court and jail time.

Reaching a Broader Range of People

Two distinctly separate programs have been created in an effort to provide assistance to a broader range of people. For example, those who might not qualify for driver's license reinstatement at this time might be eligible for a payment plan through our office while they work to meet the other requirements for reinstatement.


  • Avoidance of contempt charges
  • Avoidance of garnishment of wages
  • Peace of mind
  • Reinstatement of driving privileges
  • Renewal of vehicle registration


  • Child support must be current for driver's license reinstatement
  • DOT civil penalties must be paid before applicant will qualify (Contact Department of Transportation for more information at (515) 244-9124)
  • First payment due at time of admittance
  • If not employed and receiving income from FIP, SSI, or other non-employment income, applicant may be accepted for a payment plan upon review
  • Must obtain and maintain liability insurance (auto insurance) for license reinstatement
  • No pending criminal charges or outstanding arrest warrants
  • Proof of employment (two pay stubs)

Applying On-Line

You may apply for the Fines Recovery and License Reinstatement Program on-line through the Story County website.