Protecting Existing Development

Any number of measures can be taken to help protect a property against flood damage. Retrofitting, regrading around a structure to create positive drainage away from the structure, correcting local drainage problems, and emergency measures such as moving furniture and installing sandbags are just a few options. Retrofitting measures can include major projects such as elevating the whole structure, filling in basements located below the base flood elevation, or adding floodwalls and levies.  Less costly measures can also be taken such as elevating electrical panel boxes, water heaters, and furnaces, and moving washers, dryers, and other appliances to areas less likely to flood.

Planning and Development staff are available to visit your property to review flooding issues, drainage and stormwater problems, and provide suggestions to property owners pertaining to development, renovation, and flood protection measures. If you want to construct a fence, build a deck, move a furnace, or install floodproofing measures, our staff can provide insight into your unique situation and walk you through the process to start the work on your property. Even if your project doesn't require a zoning permit, the Floodplain Development Application may be required.