Fees & Further Information


The fee is due upon application for the License to Marry. The fee is $35 and includes a certified copy of the Certificate of Marriage which will be issued after the ceremony. The fee is not refundable if the marriage does not occur.

Only checks drawn on Story County banks will be accepted. You may pay by cash or credit card in person or include a money order if you are mailing the application in from outside of the county.


When the officiant files the Certificate of Marriage in the county of license, the County Registrar will review and register the record. The parties will then be issued a certified copy of their Certificate of Marriage in care of the couple's most current address as known by the Registrar's office.

Per Iowa Code section 595.13, the person who performed the ceremony (the officiant) is required to return the completed and signed certificate form within 15 days after the ceremony.


If you know you'll need a certified copy of your marriage record right away, ask your officiant to submit the record for registration as soon as possible after the ceremony. By law, the County Registrar is not authorized to verify over the phone whether or not the record has been received for registration.

It is the sole responsibility of the parties to provide the County Registrar with any updated mailing information. Updates should be made on the form provided for that purpose and issued with the License to Marry in Iowa. Updates must be made in writing and signed.