Bridge Load Postings


Story County is required by federal regulations to inspect all bridges under county jurisdiction every two years. As a result of these inspections, any bridge that is found to be deficient or not safely carry legal loads is posted with a sign that indicates what loads are allowed to cross the structure.

Some bridges may also be signed as One Lane bridges meaning that the load limits only allow for one lane of traffic on the bridge at one time.

Bridge Postings

In order to make the load postings enforceable by law, the Board of Supervisors pass a resolution that sets the load limit for each structure that is deficient.

When crossing a bridge with a load limit, the posted weight limit applies to the gross weight of the truck, truck and trailer, or driven implement, not just that portion of the vehicle or combination that is positioned on the structure while crossing. Please call the Story County Engineers Office at (515) 382-7355 if you have any questions.

Bridge Posting sign