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Some potentially useful resources for candidates, campaigns, parties and non-party political organizations.

Information for Candidates on the Secretary of State's website

FAQs - Nomination Papers


If you will be registering new voters and/or collecting absentee ballot requests, we can help.

You can download and print off forms here. If you are soliciting absentee ballots, please use the absentee ballot request form with receipt.

Voter Registration

Absentee Ballot Request Form with receipt

SOS Guide to Soliciting Voter Registration & Absentee Requests

We are happy to provide assistance in recognizing common omissions and making sure you are gathering all the required information on forms.


Several maps are available in our office:

  • E911 Road Map (free, pickup only--limit one per customer)
  • County Plat Book ($25.60 over-the-counter, add $5.40 for mailed copy)
  • County and individual precinct maps (price varies based on size)

Many of our maps were created for large-format printing and are not necessarily printer-friendly. We can print large-format maps or custom maps, pricing is based upon the size of the paper. If you would like to order a map, please allow one business day.

Voter Lists

Voter lists are available upon request. We can provide information for Story County registered voters ONLY. Information from voter registration records can only be used for the following:

  • To request a registrant's vote at an election
  • For a genuine political purpose
  • For bona fide political research
  • For a bona fide official purpose by an elected official
  • Requestors of voter lists must provide name, address and phone number as well as the intended use of the list. Using the information for any commercial purpose is a serious misdemeanor under Iowa law.

Voter lists may also be obtained from the Secretary of State.

Story County provides voter lists via email in Excel-readable format. Signature on the request form as well a payment is required before a list is processed and sent.

The minimum charge is $10. Additional data in excess of 20,000 records is charged at $0.50 per 1,000 records.

To request a list, call 382-7210 or email. Normally, we need one business day to generate a voter list. However, in the days around any election, requested information may not be available for up to 14 days following the election.

Absentee Lists

Daily absentee lists are available upon request. Information is for Story County only. Absentee voting begins (20) days before any election.

An email containing an Excel spreadsheet will be sent every day, showing absentee activity. The charge is a one-time $25 fee that must be paid in advance to receive the daily email. To request an absentee list, please call 382-7210. The same information may also be purchased from the Secretary of State's office.

The Secretary of State provides Absentee Tracking which allows you to check on the status of individual absentee ballots.

Poll Watching

A poll watcher is a person who has official permission to be at the polling place on election day to observe the election process and to challenge voters that the poll watcher believes is not qualified to vote.

Poll watchers may represent:

  • Candidates whose names appear on the ballot
  • Political parties and organizations
  • In all elections other than primary and general elections, groups opposing or supporting approval of questions on the ballot
  • For more information, please read the documents below.

Poll Watcher's Guide

Poll Watcher's Brochure

Poll Watcher Designation Form (interactive form)

If you have any questions regarding poll watching, please call (515) 382-7217. For additional information, visit the Secretary of State's website.

Campaign Ethics & Disclosure

For information about candidates' ethics and campaign filing responsibilities and deadlines please contact the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board.

Other Resources

Iowa Secretary of State

Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board