Public Records Fees

Public Records fees established by the Board of Supervisors

Reasonable fees may be charged to the requestor for the actual costs of producing a public record for inspection and/or copying. Departments under the auspices of the Board of Supervisors will charge fees according to the schedule appearing below. If the estimated total fees exceed $50.00 the requestor must agree to prepay expected fees. Estimated fees and payment terms must be clearly communicated to the requestor as soon as possible.

The following fees may be charged:

  1. $.10 per page fees for black/white photocopying.
  2. $.25 per page for color photocopying.
  3. Actual mailing costs.
  4. Actual cost of media (CD, DVD, Tape, Film, etc.).
  5. Actual cost of employee time to supervise the examination of a public record, if over one hour.
  6. Actual cost of employee time to retrieve a public record, if over one hour.

The Story County Board of Supervisors cannot fix policies, including the business practices in the offices of other elected officials who may independently establish policy for their office. These offices are:

  • Attorney’s Office
  • Auditor’s Office
  • Recorder’s Office
  • Sheriff’s Office
  • Treasurer’s Office.

These offices may adopt this policy, including this fee schedule, but are not required to do so.

The following departments:

  • Animal Control
  • Board of Supervisors
  • Community Services
  • Engineer and Secondary Roads
  • Facilities Management
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Planning and Development

Report the Story County Board of Supervisors and have adopted the standardized fee structure for materials and time costs allowable under the Code of Iowa.

The following offices:

  • Assessor and Property Values
  • Attorney
  • Auditor
  • Board of Health
    • Environmental Health
  • Public Health
  • Emergency Management
  • Veterans Affairs

Are Elected Offices or agencies outside the direct supervision of the Board of Supervisors but have adopted the standardized fee structure.

Documents maintained by the County Recorder

Documents, instruments and records [see Iowa Code §§331.601A(2), (3) & (8)] maintained by a county recorder, as well as fees set by the Story County Recorder for research and retrieval of documents, instruments and records filed with or maintained by the Story County Office of Recorder, are exempt from this policy.

GIS Maps & Data Fees

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps and data are priced under a different fee structure than records requests.