If I am interested in bidding at a Sheriff Sale what do I need to do?
You must appear in person at the time of the sale and have a letter of credit from a bank and / or lending institution. We will take the names of participating bidders and view their letter of credit. In most cases we will have a written bid from the plaintiff / plaintiff's attorney in the case. The bidding will begin with a written bid figure. If you are the successful bidder you will then be allowed to leave to obtain the cashier's check, money order or cash and return to the Sheriffs Office the same day to complete the paper work. All checks, money orders, etc. should be made out to the Story County Sheriff.

Note: All potential buyers of property sold at a Sheriffs Sale should be aware that all Sheriff Sales sell only the defendant's right, title or interest to the described property. Any legal questions regarding title, liens, etc. should be directed to your legal counsel.

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