Do I need my voter card to vote?

Yes, IF you do not have an Iowa driver’s license or Iowa non-operator ID. No, if you do have an Iowa driver’s license/non-operator ID that is unexpired or within 90 days past the expiration date. You will use your Iowa DL/ID as your identification to vote. The voter confirmation cards issued to registered voters lacking an Iowa driver’s license/non-operator ID include a Voter ID Card. Voter ID cards must be signed before you enter your polling place. The Voter ID Card also includes a scannable barcode and a four-digit PIN. This PIN is required on any request for an absentee ballot. Other acceptable forms of identification (must be current, valid and contain an expiration date): - Out-of-state driver’s license/non-operator identification card - US passport - US military or veteran’s ID - ID card issued by an employer - Student ID issued by an Iowa high school or college NOTE: Older versions of the Iowa State University ID cards do not have an expiration date and therefore are not valid for this purpose.

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