I have applied for the Homestead Credit and/or Military Exemption, but I don't see them on my property tax bill?
Depending on when the homestead credit application or military exemption application was signed by the property owner, it may more than 24 months for the credit or exemption to appear on the property tax statement. July 1 of the current assessment year is the deadline for filing for the homestead credit or military exemption for the current assessment year. If the July 1 deadline is missed, the exemption or credit will not be applicable until the next assessment year.

As an example, if a property owner applied for the homestead credit on July 2, 2009, they have missed the July 1 deadline for assessment year 2009. The property owner is now applying for the homestead credit for assessment year 2010. The property owner will not receive a property tax statement for levies against the 2010 taxable value until Aug or Sept 2011.

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4. I have applied for the Homestead Credit and/or Military Exemption, but I don't see them on my property tax bill?
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