How does the State of Iowa determine the amount of my registration fees?

Automobiles, Multi-purpose, and Trucks {2010 and newer with a weight less than 10,000 lbs}

All are figured by the vehicle weight and list price as follows: $0.40 cents per hundred pounds of vehicle weight plus:

1 - 7 years old

1.00% of list price

8 - 9 years old

.75% of list price

10 -11 years old

.50% of list price

12+ years old


Weight: 3,000 pounds, list price $18,500
(3,000/100) x $.40 = $ 12
$18,500 x 1% = 185
Annual Fee $197

Antique (A motor vehicle 25 years old or older)
$23 (1970-1983)
$16 (1969 and older) Ownership before 01/01/2009
$50 purchased after 01/01/2009

$20 (1-5 years old)
$10 (6 years or older)

Small Regular Trailer (Less than 2,000 lbs.)

Regular Trailer (2,000 lbs.)

Travel Trailer
$.30 per sq. ft. (1-6 years old)
75% of original fee (7 years or older)

If you have specific questions regarding your vehicle, please contact your County Treasurer's Office.

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