Working/Barn Cats


Working Cats or Barn cats are feral or semi-feral cats that we take into the shelter as strays. These cats are very independent and would prefer to limit their interactions with humans. These cats would not do well in an indoor home environment but would thrive in a working environment where they can patrol a barn, shed, or outbuilding. These cats can live a fulfilling life with a family who will care for them and get the added bonus of a rodent-free property. 

What You Need to Adopt a Working/Barn Cat

  • Shelter for the cat such as a barn, outbuilding, garage, shed, or other structure that would provide adequate protection from weather extremes. 
  • Daily food and water
  • Veterinary care as needed
  • A secure place such as an completely enclosed building, kennel, or appropriately sized crate to keep the cat for the first 2-3 weeks while they get to used your property and you.

To Fill out an adoption request for a Working/Barn Cat:  Click Here

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