Watershed Awareness

watershed sign
Creek sign

These signs are the result of a months-long project between Prairie Rivers of Iowa and Story County Conservation. Fifty-two watershed signs were installed on Story County roads, and another 105 signs label creeks at bridges. We hope the signs will help you see the connection between water quality in those creeks and all the land—sometimes distant—that drain to them.

This project was made possible through the support of the Story County Board of Supervisors, Prairie Rivers of Iowa, the Story County Community Foundation, and the Story County Soil & Water Conservation District. Similar efforts around the state have helped to draw attention to our water resources and spur interest from landowners in conservation practices, but Story County’s effort is perhaps unprecedented in scale, and one of only a few projects to mark watershed boundaries in addition to creek crossings.

You can find the locations of all the signs to be installed for this project at this interactive web map.

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Want to know what watersheds you live in?  Enter a street address in the search bar and then click on the map to bring up the complete “watershed address” for any point in Iowa using this Watershed Locator Map.