Excessive Barking


While some of these methods have shown good success, they are not designed to replace patience and kindness, which are necessary to the proper training of any dog.

Why do dogs bark excessively?

A dog's bark is its way of communicating with the outside world. While there are many good reasons to bark, excessive barking may be caused by:

  • A feeling of detachment from the family
  • Boredom, through owner's lack of attention. More attention will relieve a dog's boredom and will reinforce good behavior while giving the dog a sense of belonging to the family
  • Outside noises that cause a dogs barking to gain the owners attention

Methods to eliminate the barking dog problem.

As with people, some dogs talk more than others. This problem can often be corrected through various training methods.

  • Correct needless barking immediately, not ten minutes after the dog stops barking - the dog will not understand correction after the undesirable act has been completed.
  • Do not praise the dog when the barking is unwarranted - this reinforces the dog's belief that the barking is desirable.
  • Larger dogs (sometimes) need strict direction through harsher commands or training with a leash and collar. Always follow correction with praise and love when the dog has responded to your request.
  • Obedience school. This is, of course, preferable, but if your dog can't go to school, you can find many books in your local library or book store that are designed to teach you to train your dog.
  • Smaller, or hypersensitive dogs can also be trained and sometimes a simple, loud no whenever the dog barks proves successful.
  • Watch your own behavior.

Where should I keep my barking dog?

If your dog is an outside dog, buy or build him a doghouse. This not only blocks off outside noise that may cause him to bark needlessly, but also provides protection and security for the dog.

If you don't mind your dog inside the house, allow him to be with the family (inside) more often. This will give the dog the security of being part of the family.

Please remember that no one likes to listen to a dog's barking hour after hour, and with a little time and patience, your dog need not bark excessively.