Ceremonial Bugle for Military Funerals

Few things evoke as much emotion as the mournful sound of "Taps" played at a military funeral. But not having a skilled bugle player available has made this a bit of a difficulty at some funerals. In an effort to make this available at the funerals of all who served their country, Story County Veterans Affairs has a ceremonial "player bugle" available for checkout.

This beautiful ceremonial bugle will play "Taps" on its own, making this touching tribute available even when a skilled bugle player is not available. Additionally, the playing mechanism in the bugle can be removed, making it a traditional (and playable) bugle.

Use of this ceremonial bugle is free to Veterans in Story County. It is available to check out for 72 hours. This extended checkout period is designed so that it can be checked out the day before a funeral, and not returned until the day after. This gives the bugle "players" a chance to familiarize themselves with the bugle.

To reserve this bugle, call Brett McLain at 515-956-2626