Conservation Partners Program

Partners Membership Program

Story County Conservation Partners is a membership program, which was started in 1996 by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to find new ways to support conservation efforts in Story County. Join Today!

Theresa Perry, Joy. 1st place Connecting People and RecreationPartners has three goals:

  • To develop a network of supporters and volunteers.
  • To increase public awareness, information, and appreciation for Story County parks, natural areas, programs, and activities.
  • To secure supplemental financial resources to help Story County Conservation (SCC) achieve its mission.

Supporting Conservation

At the end of fiscal year 2021, Partners contributions tallied $30,370.00, exceeding our goal by $6,370 to help with the purchase of the Osheim property. However, we are not there yet but we can get there with your help! Our goal for the upcoming year is $30,000 (one-third of the remaining balance) for the Osheim property.

 All monies received from memberships in FY22 will continue to help purchase this property, consisting of 35 acres of Story County’s natural habitat along the South Skunk River. We will be offering a few small group tours of the area (not yet open to public access) to Partners members once a parking lot is constructed. Your contribution will help make this possible.

Partnership Perks

All Partners members receive a 10% discount on all programs and building rentals (does not apply to alcohol/wine fees or deposits, camping, or boat rentals).

Partners are people - people just like you who want to make a difference. When you join Partners, you become part of a bigger picture, a picture that cant be complete without you.