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Animal Shelter Volunteer Application

  1. Basic Information
  2. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age

  3. Are you willing to commit to at least 6 months of volunteer service for at least four hours per month?
  4. Skills and Interests
  5. Please check all that apply
  6. Availability
  7. Please list your availability *
  8. Emergency Contact Information

    Please read our Volunteer Guidelines, Agreement and Release of Liability and sign/date below if you agree to the terms: 

  10. As a Story County Animal Shelter (SCAS) volunteer, I agree to:

    1. Perform all volunteer tasks and follow all procedures as outlined during volunteer training and as updated thereafter. 

    2. Ask questions if I am unsure how to do something. 

    3. Keep my contact information (address, email and phone numbers) updated with staff. 

    4. Arrive promptly for all scheduled volunteer shifts and notify shelter staff if I will be late or unable to complete my shift. 

    5. Complete the minimum monthly hour requirement (4 hours/month).

     I understand that after three months of not meeting the requirement (need not be consecutive), I will be placed in the inactive list and my spot offered to volunteers on the wait list. 

    6. Refrain from allowing guests who are not volunteers to accompany me during my shift. 

    7. Communicate any concerns I have with the Animal Control Director. 

    8. Not enter off limit areas of the shelter without authorization from a Story County Animal Shelter (SCAS) staff member. This includes all isolation areas/rooms, the medical room and all spaces marked Staff/Employee Only. 

    9. Never volunteer under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances. 

    10. Refer all media communications to Animal Control Director. Media includes TV, radio, newspaper, social media and internet as well as posting information on websites about the SCAS animals, services and programs. 

    11. Provide excellent customer service and form positive and professional relationships with staff and my fellow volunteers. 

    12. I agree to be supervised by SCAS staff and to report any problems that may arise. 

    13. If communication problems develop between employees or other volunteers and me, I will report these to the Animal Control Director as soon as possible. 

    14. I agree to hold as confidential, all information that I may obtain, directly or indirectly, concerning animal control operations, customers, animals not available for adoption, adopters, pet owners, volunteers and staff. I agree not to seek to obtain confidential information from customers. I understand that an intentional or unintentional violation of confidentiality may result in disciplinary action, including termination and/or possible legal action by others (i.e. customers). 

    15. I agree to be available to volunteer at least four (4) hours a month for a minimum of 6 months. 

    16. I agree to donate my services to the organization without contemplation of compensation or future employment. 

    17. I agree to maintain appropriate attire and a well-groomed appearance. 

    18. I agree to handle only the animals that are assigned to me and understand that I will not be permitted to enter areas that may house animals that are known to be dangerous or ill. 

    19. I agree to take the proper precautions to prevent the spread of disease from animal to animal and will abide by the shelter’s procedures. 

  11. Story County Animal Shelter Volunteer Agreement

    1. I agree to provide volunteer services for the Story County Animal Control and Shelter (SCAS) as a volunteer. 

    2. As a volunteer, I understand that I will not be compensated for any time spent volunteering, nor am I entitled to benefits, including employment insurance benefits, upon the termination of this agreement or as a result of this service. 

    3. I am aware that participation as a volunteer may require periods of physical activity such as standing and lifting and will require the exercise of reasonable care to avoid injury. I am voluntarily participating in this activity with knowledge of the hazards and potential dangers involved, and agree to accept any and all risks of personal injury and property damage. 

    4. I authorize SCAS to seek emergency medical treatment on my behalf in case of injury, accident or illness to me arising from my involvement as a volunteer. I understand that I will be responsible for medical costs incurred by such accident, illness or injury.

    5. During and after my volunteer period, I will not use any SCAS property for any purpose other than for the benefit of SCAS. Except for business uses related to the performance of my work as a volunteer, I will not remove from the SCAS premises any SCAS property without approval from the Animal Control Director. In the event of my termination as a volunteer, or at any time at the request of SCAS, I will return all SCAS property. 

     7. I understand that because I may handle animals, it is important to discuss the tetanus vaccine with my health care provider. 

    8. I acknowledge that there are certain risks involved with working with animals, including but not limited to bites, scratches, zoonotic diseases and allergic reactions. 

    9. I understand that staff may check Iowa Public Records and other sources to verify the accuracy of my application as part of the background review process. 

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