Story County Iowa Alerts

Story County Iowa Alerts Registration

Story County Iowa Alerts has transitioned to a new emergency notification platform from Rave Public Safety & Smart911 that allows you greater access and control of the emergency alerts you receive. 

Individuals and families can and set up a user profile for multiple family members, with multiple phone numbers and addresses. Once created, you can choose to provide information about relevant health information that will assist emergency management identify potential special response needs during a disaster or allow for specific emergency messaging. Downloading and enabling the Smart911 App also allows individuals to receive emergency notifications “on the go” anywhere RAVE is used by local emergency management.

Follow this link to Story County Iowa Alert registration.

Story County Iowa Alerts Registration Walk Through

Smart911 Profile Email Information

Story County Iowa Alerts users may receive an email from Smart911 titled “Are you sure you want your Smart911 account to expire. The emails are legitimate automated emails sent by Smart911 every six months to remind you to log into your Smart911 account and review the information you provided. If you do not log into your account you will continue to receive emails until you do so. Even if you allow your Smart911 account to expire, you will still receive emergency messages.

We do not have the capability to stop the automated Smart911 emails but you can take the steps outlines below to stop the email notifications from your Smart911 profile. 

1.    Log into your Smart911 account

2.    Scroll down the People/Household section and under your name click “Edit Basic Info”

3.    To the right of your Email Address, select No for “Receive Notifications to this Email?”

Currently, the Ames Police Department and the Story County Sheriff’s Office 9-1-1 Centers do not utilize the Smart911 system and will not see the information you have shared in your profile, but emergency management may use the information for planning purposes.

If you have a question or concerns please feel free to contact our office at 515-382-7315 or via email at