Crisis Negotiations Team

The Story County Sheriff's Office maintains a special team of highly skilled and trained Crisis Negotiators that work to mitigate threats involving barricaded subjects, suicidal subjects, hostage takers, and others presenting behaviors associated with suffering from mental illness or experiencing an emotional or psychological crisis. 

Although major crisis and hostage taking events are not every day occurrences, the Crisis Negotiations Team is always prepared for emergency, high-risk interactions with individuals experiencing mental illness, emotional or psychological trauma, and suicidal tendencies.

By understanding the behavior, principals, and strategies commonly associated with these types of events, the Story County Sheriff's Office is able to maintain operational readiness and respond to crises whenever they occur within our communities.

All operations of the Crisis Negotiations Team fall under the direction of the Field Services Commander. For more information on the Crisis Negotiations Team, you may contact the Field Services Division at (515) 382-7474.

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