Patrol Division Services

The Patrol Division of the Story County Sheriff's Office plays a crucial role in providing law enforcement services to the citizens of Story County through 24/7, 365 coverage of ten contract towns and four unincorporated communities within our county. Additionally, the deputies assigned to this division also frequently offer assistance to other municipal and state peace officers whose jurisdictions also fall within Story County.

Daily services provided by the Patrol Division are near limitless, but may include activities such as proactive patrol of communities, responding to 911 calls, and traffic enforcement duties. The Story County Sheriff's Office prides itself with maintaining a professional and diverse set of patrol deputies who strive every day to ensure public safety through the implementation of professional and proactive law enforcement services and to build trust by maintaining the highest standards of performance, integrity, and ethics. 

As always, the Story County Sheriff's Office remains dedicated to engaging our diverse communities to responsibly provide quality opportunities and services that matter.

Sheriff's Office Patrol Deputy

Additional Responsibilities

In addition to the daily duties performed during their normally assigned shifts, many deputies within the patrol division also provide hundreds of extra hours of protection each year in the form of community service oriented assignments across the county. This may include activities such as providing manpower and support to Iowa State University campus activities such as sporting events, working with the Iowa Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau on special enforcement projects, and providing funeral escort services for fallen service members returning to or passing through Story County.

The day-to-day duties of our patrol deputies are constantly evolving, and the Story County Sheriff's Office remains committed to providing progressive and professional services that meet the modern needs of our communities. All operations under the patrol division fall under the command of the Field Services Commander.

For more information on patrol operations, you may contact the Field Services Division at (515) 382-7474.