Jennett Heritage Area

62321 280th Street, Nevada IA 50201

The 171-acre property boasts diverse plant and animal life featuring 25 acres of remnant prairie, two ponds, and two streams. A botanical survey of the site revealed 277 native species, including 65 native prairie species, such as silver-leafed scurf pea, smooth blue aster and marble seed. The 25 acres of remnant prairie at Jennett rest on steep slopes, which allows for a greater variety of prairie plants to thrive.

The area's combination of landscapes also allows for a wide range of bird species, including wild turkey and the increasingly rare bobwhite quail.

While its biodiversity and species are impressive, Jennett is not pristine. Restoration efforts on this property include oxbow reconstruction, invasive species removal, and oak savanna restoration. 

Hiking, walking, bird watching, geocaching, and several other activities are possible however we do not maintain trails nor do we have picnic tables or grills available. Jennett Heritage Area is a designated public fishing area and public hunting area. No target practice is allowed. Only non-toxic ammunition is allowed. 


The heirs of Raymond and Edythe Jennett donated a substantial portion of land value when it was sold to the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, who held the land until enough funds could be raised to transfer ownership to SCC.

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