Applications and Permits

Apply Online


Directions to Apply Online

  • Login to create a username and account.
  • Apply for your permit.
  • After submitting you will then receive an email (typically within one business day) with instructions on how to pay online. 
  • Payments can also be made by phone with a credit card or a check can be mailed or dropped off at our office.

To Schedule an Inspection

  • Once you receive your permit and are ready to schedule an inspection, please log back in to your account and request an inspection at that time.
  • Go to the Services tab on the top right and select “Permits.”
  • Click “View your permits.”
  • Select the relevant permit number.
  • On the left, click “Request an Inspection.”
  • Select the desired inspection, date and time. 
  • Click “submit.”

Applications and Permits FAQs

Do I Need a Permit?

"Oh, I thought I didn’t need a permit for construction if I lived in the country," is a common statement. The fact of the matter is that a Zoning Permit is required for all new construction and any Change In Use of any land or building. Even a portable structure requires a permit and required setbacks from property lines must be met. 

Electrical Permits

Iowa State Electrical Permits and Inspections are NOT performed by the county. Please visit State of Iowa Electrical Permit webpage for information on electrical permit and inspections. 

State Sign Permits

In addition to Story County sign permit application requirements, please see the Iowa Department of Transportation sign requirements for proposed advertising signs planned along interstate and primary highways.

What is the Cost of Fines and Permit Fees?

You can find all fee and fine costs in the following schedules:

Fine Schedule

Fee Schedule