The Jail relocated to the new Justice Center on March 15, 2002. In the first year of operation the Jail booked and released 4,133 inmates. In 2011, the Jail booked and released 7,644 inmates. This is an 85% increase in the last 9 years. As the numbers of inmates moving through our facility increases so has the services we provide to them. Below is a list of the programs and services offered at the Jail:

• Work Release

• School Release

• REACH Program

• Telepsychiatry

• Family Visitation

• Mental Health Services

• Jail Diversion

• Non-Denominational Church Services

• Bible Study

• Visitation

• Narcotics Anonymous

• Alcoholics Anonymous

• Catholic Ministries

• Fingerprints

Two of the standout programs at the Story County Jail are Jail Diversion and the REACH Program.

  1. Jail Diversion is a program designed to help inmates diagnosed with mental illness. Once out of jail it helps these inmates to regain their support structure and give them access to the mental health professionals that can help them stay out of jail.
  2. The REACH program targets high risk inmates to provide support and treatment for criminal thinking, mental health issues and substance abuse issues to prevent recidivism. The REACH program is highly successful with 88.8% of the participants arrest free and living in our community as a direct result of the reach program.

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